Roku Vimeo App

Completed: 2014
The Vimeo Roku app was getting a refresh, a round 2 if you will. I stumbled into the project when seeing a demo prototype live and designed by another designer. I thought the app could use a little more ‘fun’ injected into it, keeping it Vimeo. So I stepped in, and made a few design edits to keep it on brand before the app shipped live. The hard part about TV app design is that the territory is relatively new, and technically limited. There is a fine balance between creating cutting edge UI and making something that people will automatically know how to use.
My role: I went through all the screens for the app and made sure little hints of VImeo were sprinkled about. This includes, colors, iconography and verbiage. I also tweaked the main menu screen to make it more prominent when you roll over a category.

My initial design goal was to brighten things up. The colors helped bring the screens to life, and give them some visual difference from one section to the other. It felt more "Vimeo". The problem with large screens of color was that every TV showed the colors differently. It was hard to read text on some screens and not others. This discrepancy ultimately led to us keeping all the screen backgrounds a deep blue.

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