Vimeo IOS App

Ongoing Project
I maintain and enhance the design / usability for the Vimeo IOS app. Develop new features, layouts and optimize icons/assets. Transition the app from IOS7 to IOS8 and for larger phones.

Logged out browsing

With a new goal for the app to be used for browsing and discovery we realized that having a registration barrier was hurting us in pursuit of this goal. We decided to knock down the registration wall and allow users to watch, download, and share videos without having to log in. This involved creating a new onboarding, new join/log in flows independent of onboarding, logged out states for the menu and feeds, plus a whole new series of alerts for actions that would require log in (such as liking or commenting on a video).

Sign in flow

iPad sign in prompt

Wireframe flow

Video page view

App permission prompts

One of the repeated complaints we received from users was that they felt uncomfortable granting access to so many of their phone's features. So taking a step back and looking at the experience when we prompt them for device permission revealed a few flaws in design. What we were doing was prompting them one after the other with little to no real context. Sure we had explanation screens of what was about to happen but the users didn't understand the value without a direct action. To solve this problem I ripped apart our onboarding and removed the permission prompts to only trigger when a related action happened. For example, if a user tries to access their camera roll for the first time, they will be prompted for camera roll access. We also added pre-prompts, so that way if a user didn't want to give permission at this time, but didn't totally want to deny permission, they could do so now.

Sketches of prompt explorations

Upload + Share

For our first IOS8 extension I co-designed upload + share. With the theory that when people upload they could also benefit from sharing too. From the camera roll the user can select Vimeo from the native share sheet. Previously users would have seen the Apple standard upload sheet, however, now with extensions it was possible to create our own experience. You have the same abilities to add privacy, choose file upload quality, and add meta info, but now you can share to people on your device or those you follow on Vimeo. Cool right?! The extension and app take advantage of background actions. So you can continue watching videos or be in another app entirely and the upload will happen in the background, notifying you upon completion.

iPad and iPhone Upload + Share feature

Onboarding Tips

A lot of feedback I was receiving from friends was the app was hard to understand. They didn't get what to do once it launched. This problem inspired me to design a few tip screens to get the user ramped up on how things worked. Originally I created a fancy animation, however re-creating this in xcode proved to be too heavy and too cumbersome for development. We were better off keeping things simple and doing a swipe set of tips.

FTU onboarding tip screens

Onboarding flow