Huuue is a visual way to keep track of emotions and coping skills, it's based on DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy).
My role: Designed and developed the site + backend
Huuue is a tool that arose out of a need to be able to compare my emotions long term. Instead of a list of numbers (which was hard to use for comparison day to day, much less week to week) I needed something more visual, something that anyone could understand on a basic level just by looking at it.


I sketched out numerous possible ways to display all this daily information. Vertical bars, horizontal bars, where would the date go? How would this design work for daily use and for weekly comparison? Each bar represents an emotion and its length is determined by the value entered by the user. I really dove into finding the best possible way to get the user to enter a lot of information daily without it becoming a chore. In the backend a lot of code was automating things to relieve the user from entering extra data.


The second half to Huuue is a section for DBT skills. A user can click on a skill listed to get more information on how to do it.